Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Los Angeles Has OVER 400% MORE Olympic Medal Winners Than Any Other City in the US - and California Has More Medal Winners Than Any Countries Other Than China & Russia (and the US, of course)

Los Angeles has 400% MORE Olympic Medal winners than any other city! 45 to San Francisco's 11. And we also have more winners who were born or raised in Los Angeles. A total of 35

Besides Los Angeles being the number one city in the United States - and the world - for medal winning Olympic athletes, if you don't count the United States - California would rank as the number three country in the WORLD - with at least 66medal winners - third only to China (even though China has 1,340,000,000 billion people compared to California's 37,000,000 million people) and Russia

And, yes, that gives China an edge over California of 1,303,000,000 billion people.


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