Sunday, June 01, 2014

Fashion Magazines, Lincoln & Nautical Books and 1,000's of other Books Have Arrived at The Last Bookstore One Dollar Room.

The Last Bookstore's One Dollar Room has just received 3 boxes of 1990's fashion magazines (Vogue, Harpers, Elle etc), a collection of books about Lincoln, 3 shelves of biographies on film and film stars, 2 shelves on live theater and plays, even more books on all things nautical and sailing including many novels, 200 more books on business, two more boxes of poetry, four more boxes on all things African American, many more books on WWII - including aviation and nautical books, more new philosophy books, over a hundred books on American History, over a hundred books and magazines on mythology and anthropology, at least 50 books on psychology - and that's just some of the many new arrivals that have just been shelved.

I'll be here until 8:30 this June 1st Sunday night and until just before closing every day this week - though we close early Wednesday for an event at 2 PM.  And I will be doing my walking tours of Historic DTLA every Saturday and Sunday during the month of June.

And here are some of the novels we have recently received.

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