Monday, June 30, 2014

Missing Murals from Old State Building in Los Angeles Not Missing - But Stolen!

California, Flags, Beauty and History
The Lucile Lloyd Mural, The Origin and Development of the Name of the State of California, is permanently installed in the John L. Burton Hearing Room behind the dais.
On October 16, 1937 three murals painted by Lucile Lloyd were unveiled at the State Building in Los Angeles. Commissioned specifically for the building through a Great Depression -Era program (the WPA), they remained on view for 38 years. The building was torn down for safety reasons in 1975. Fortunately, the murals were saved and in 1991, the Senate Rules Committee had them restored and installed in the California Room, recently rededicated The John L. Burton Hearing room, in honor of former Senate President pro tempore John Burton.

In a sweeping panorama, the three panels tell the history of the name of California. The two side panels portray important flags that have flown over the state. The central panel shows the history and development of the state through the Spanish Mexican and American eras. Realistic figures trace the state’s history, and vivid, colorful images illustrate the state’s unique natural beauty and resources.


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