Saturday, June 14, 2014

Just Arriving in the Last Bookstore's $1 Room! Collections of vintage books on film & TV, Russia & Soviet Union, African-American History, Sports, Military History, all things Nautical and much, much more

And this Sunday - when you are visiting the $1 room upstairs at the Last Bookstore (at 5th & Spring in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles) - you can bring your Dad along and give him a gift certificate at The Last Bookstore and you can also give a the gift of a two hour walking tour of Historic Downtown LA before taking him to lunch or dinner.
And when you are at the bookstore, you can see the thousands of books that have just arrived - all for only one dollar each - including over 50 books on Russia and the Soviet Union, four more boxes in the African-American section, over 100 more books in the business section and - most importantly - you can also see part of an extensive collection of very early, early and more current books that have just been acquired from a major institutional collections that dates back to the early 1920's  And every day more and more of these books are being shelved (covering the business, technical, production, distribution and artistic sides of early and current Hollywood - and foreigh -  film and TV) from this one of a kind type of collection.
Also recently shelved are considerable numbers of books on the theater, American & European history, early and current photography, gardening, natural history, all the social sciences, Native Americans, mountainering, poetry, literary criticism, pets, short stories & memoirs and many other topics - as well as a wide range of best selling novelists in both hardback and paperback.

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