Thursday, March 31, 2005

LA Times Discovers Crime in LA!! And They're Shocked! SHOCKED!!

After years of not only hiding from the subject - but also hiding it from the citizens of Los Angeles - the LA Times has finally discovered that we have a crime problem in River City.

It is currently illegal for the LAPD to arrest known criminals if they are illegal aliens... for being illegal aliens. Yup - that's right. And on today's front page - in response the to LAPD finally taking action of their own to address the problem - the LA Times is finally forced to admit that this problem actually exists.

Now this is a far more complicated problem that what I just posited and there are some very real issues that need to be publicly debated. And in any other city with a real newspaper - these issues would have been debated long ago. But at least the issue has been finally raised. Or at least... partially raised. There is still one thing we are not being told by our paper of non-record.

And that is that we have 30,000 (that's THIRTY Thousand - almost the same number of people who live in Beverly Hills) illegal alien criminals - largely preying on other immigrants - roaming the streets of Los Angeles. And that fact is still considered information that the LA Times feels needs to be hidden from us. And that is why you will only find facts like that reported in the New York Times, our default paper of record for Los Angeles.

Andy many thanks to Mickey Kaus at for keeping this issue alive.,1,621980.story?coll=la-headlines-california


Howard said...

The real "shocker" is that they gave the Pulitzer deserving Heather MacDonald, the expert of expert on alien crime in LA, one sentence. The LA Times wants to be known as "El Tiempo de Los Angeles" to their Lefty and Mexican friends.

Anonymous said...

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