Friday, April 01, 2005

LA Times Corrections Du Jour - Proof That Even The Publisher Doesn't Read The LA Times! Plus, The Ultimate Fish Story!

It's one thing for the LA Times to print both the wrong hometown and the wrong home state of the new publisher of the LA Times. One expects that from the LA Times. And one's expectations, no matter how low, are always profoundly exceeded at the Los Angeles Times.

But for the Times to then take NINE days to discover and correct the error... now we're talking industrial strength Schadenfreude! The only conclusion one can logically draw is that while this year's publisher of the LAT may have to publish the paper during his visit to our city, that doesn't mean that he ever intends on reading it.

See below:


New publisher - An article in Section A on March 23 said the new publisher of the Los Angeles Times, Jeffrey M. Johnson, was born in the Chicago area. Johnson was born in Fargo, N.D., but lived for much of his youth around Chicago.

Faux Public Service Announcement From The Faux LA TIMES:

We at the LA Times are always striving to find new and unique ways of entertaining our ever more exclusive (i.e., rapidly plumenting) readership. With that in mind, The Los Angeles Times is pleased to announce its latest feature (exclusive to the Los Angeles Times!) -- Our Correction Correction Section! Yes, our very special place where we will daily correct our incorect... corrections!

And if our readers embrace this new LAT exclusive feature, as we are certain they will - then look out for our new Correcting the Correction Correction Section!

April 1


Fish report - A March 25 correction about a fish report item in the March 22 Outdoors section said yellowfin tuna should have been labeled yellowtail tuna. Yellowtails are not tuna.

Note: Tune in to tomorow's Correcting the Correction Corection Section to find out what yellowtails really are now that they are no longer... tuna.


Finally... recently spotted ad on Craig's List:

Help Wanted - Proof Reader! No experience needed! However, Ichthyological expertise in Tuna related taxology a big plus!!

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