Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Not Only Does The LA Times Continue To Hide Its Corrections From the Public...

... but in today's (as always) well hidden corrections section, after you finally find it - rather than a very partial list of the Times' daily errors - there is instead a long article on corrections reform. But not on the long needed reform of the LA Times' corrections policy, but on juvenile prison corrections reform!***

That's right! Now I don't know what is more ironic, that the editors of the LA Times do not know the difference between the state’s corrections system and their own corrections section - or the fact that twelve year olds in lock-up could do a better job of proof reading than the editors of the LA Times - or the fact that the LA Times' hiding of its errors from its readers should be addressed by the criminal justice system.

But the fact remains that if you want to read about the ever increasing screw-ups of the LA Times on this particular day, instead of looking at the side bar and clicking on the corrections section like one used to be able to do, you now have to go to the very, very bottom of the LA Times' website, and then sort through FOUR columns, each of which is separately alphabetized and then search for the ONLY item in that very last column that is not in alphabetical order to find the LA Times' corrections page.

And then ... even after all of that... one still has to read through an entire news article about the California Correctional Peace Officer's Association before one can find the actual corrections section below that article!

And, of course, as usual, under the new policy of the LA Times, only the corrections for one day are listed, instead of a full weeks worth of corrections that used to appear on the website.

Way to go LA Times!


I just checked and the LA Times is still running the wrong corrections - penal, and not venal - on its corrections page.

UPDATE! 3:50 PM LA Times - finally - notices that it has a story on the State Department of Corrections on its Daily Corrections page - and removes it. Not that anyone saw it, of course, as well hidden as their new corrections page is....


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I should laugh or cry when I read your posts. So I do both - laugh at your wonderful, wacked out sense of humnor - and then cry about the fate of Los Angeles because it is under the thumb of the Chicago Times.

So I did my part today - and canceled my subscription to the Times - after over thirty years of taking the paper.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what tomorrow's corrections section will have to say about this. And I notice they have not corrected their hurricane story.

Anonymous said...

Solution to the difficulty of finding the corrections: go to www.regrettheerror.com, which has lat corretions conventiently listed down the right side of the main page,one click away....

Anonymous said...

Finding corrections section wasn't difficult. Site map http://tinyurl.com/8739d and then a search for "corrections"

Corrections link = http://www.latimes.com/news/custom/corrections/