Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wolf Update!

Boy, does this correction have four legs... so to speak. The Federal Dog/Wild Wolf correction no one was interested this morning is now making national news, the AP wire, Matt Drudge - and even is on... the local TV news tonight!

And I was probably the only person in LA who recognized it as the hoax it was when I read it Tuesday...

.... as I both follow the wolf people - wolf having even been a nickname of mine at one time due to my wild ways (well - maybe she was referring to my body hair), and my also having empathy for the stockmen who are already struggling even without the depredations of the wolves.

So I regularly read both side of this issue and recall reading about the hoax back on April Fool's Day:

And my earlier suspicion was correct - this quote was just picked up off the internet without anyone at the Times even bothering to check to see of the Governor ever said it!

And if you can look at the above 'press release' and can not tell it's a joke - well... the LA Times is hiring!

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