Friday, August 28, 2009


Downtown LA needs creative retailers! We need visionaries who want to reinvent the future of retail in the 21st Century. So – do you know how brick and mortar can compete with cyber-stores? Do you know how department stores can reinvent themselves?

Do you have the next great concept for a fashion, book, art, furniture, speciality, collectibles or - whatever - store?

Well - if you have the right ideas - very soon, we will have a place where you can make them happen in Downtown Los Angeles.

Brady Westwater or 213-804-8396

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Anonymous said...

What is described in this article on downtown -- in this instance, the one in Santa Monica -- really needs to be applied to another downtown, the one in Los Angeles:

Mainstream retail in the heart of Los Angeles is less likely to be successful without greater consideration being given to secure, convenient parking. Parking that doesn't cost too much per hour--even parking meters in LA now require a ridiculous amount of money.

And public access points, including sidewalks, alleyways and garage corridors, should not make visitors feel grubby and want to hold their breath.