Saturday, January 14, 2006

LA Times Goes To The Dogs In Dog Pound Story!

Below is the headline - and byline - on the LA Times website's front page:

Political Connections Mar Land Swap

By Paul Richter

Critics say selling land set aside for an animal shelter to a developer-donor is an 'abuse of eminent domain'.

Below is the headline and byline that story links to in the California section:,0,7443424.story?coll=la-home-headlines


Land Seized for Animal Shelter May Be Sold to Developer-Donor

By Patrick McGreevy, Times Staff Write

A year after Los Angeles seized three acres from a private company to construct a public building, a city councilman wants to sell the land to another private firm for a commercial development.

And it's been like this since last night..


Almost 3 PM and link to 'Richter' story (if one even exists - and he is not credited on Patrick's story) still links to Patrick's story.


Saturday 3:15 PM - Patrick replaces Richter on front page of website....

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