Sunday, January 22, 2006

Steve Lopez Public Pension/Health Benefit Story Too Hot To Handle?

Surfing the web this AM to read the blogger response to Steve Lopez's (hopefully) first salvo in the necessary battle to have to a fully informed public debate about the impending bankruptcy of government agencies due to out of control pension and health care benefits packages, I found... nothing.

Worse yet, on the LA Times website, there is not even a mention of his story on the opening page, despite this being the single most important story the paper could cover this year. And even when when you click on the California section, Lopez's story is buried as item number six and both the title and the lead do not give even the slightest hint about the true content of the story.

So I guess my misguided hopes that the Los Angeles Times might grow some balls and finally address this urgent issue in depth were... as usual... misguided.

See my previous post for my prior comments on the below story:,0,1393497.column?coll=la-headlines-california

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