Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Matt Welch Made Assistant Editorial Page Editor Of LA Times Despite Shocking Hidden Past!


Below is the copy of the internal LAT memor about the hiring of Matt Welch, courtesy of Kevin over at LAOBSERVED:

Matt Welch today joined the editorial board as the assistant editorial page editor. Matt, a native of Long Beach, comes to us from Reason magazine, where he was an associate editor, and from his own 4-year-old blog.

Prior to that, Matt was a U.S.-based correspondent for Toronto's National Post, and he has also been a prolific freelance contributor to other publications, including our newspaper. Matt worked with former Mayor Richard Riordan on the prototype issue of the still-born L.A. Examiner.

In the early 1990s, Matt was the founder and editor of Prognosis, the first independent English-language newspaper in Prague. He then moved to Budapest, where he was the managing editor of the Budapest Business Journal.

What the memo does not address is that dark secret that Matt Welch has - until now - been able for so long to hide....

And that damning secret can be found in the very first line of the very first post clear back in 2004 on... LA COWBOY:


Tuesday, June 01, 2004

LA Cowboy - Politics, Culture and Art in LA

Accepting a dare from Matt Welch of the late, lamented (other than by the LA Times, of course), LA Examiner - I am going to take a stab (which may prove to be an all too relevant verb) at starting a debate about politics in in Los Angeles, along with all the other aspects of life in LA that make life here both exciting and despairing.


LA COWBOY exists only because of Matt Welch....

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