Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Every Major Candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles Says - VOTE NO on Prop A Today! No to Higher Sales Taxes!

All five leading candidates running for Mayor of Los Angeles - and the Los Angeles Times and the Daily News - agree that anyone who cares about the City of Los Angeles - needs to vote NO on Prop A and its PERMANENT increase in the Los Angeles City sales tax rate.

However, no one has run a campaign against Prop A since it was thought to be behind in the polls. But - due to a highly misleading campaign -  funded by millions of dollars from the special interest groups that will benefit from this tax - the latest poll shows Prop A will likely pass today and that the residents of Los Angeles will then pay both the highest income tax rate and the  highest sales tax rate of any major city in the entire country.

And those high taxes are one reason Los Angeles has the highest unemployment rate of any major city in the country.

So join our next Mayor - who will be Wendy Greuel, Eric Garcetti, Jan Perry, Kevin James, or  Emanuel Pleitez - and the LA Times and the Daily News - and Vote NO om Prop A when you cast your vote for our new Mayor today.

And if you agree with them - please re-post this today!

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