Tuesday, March 19, 2013

MOCA's Trustees Cowboy Up and Tell LACMA to Stuff It!! But in the Nicest - and Best - Possible Way

In a single paragraph statement MOCA's Board of Trustees says MOCA will remain an independent organization and the Board is taking necessary steps to significantly raise the needed endowment to make that happen. In addition, the Board will also consider any strategies that will honor both the museum and the artistic community it serves.
“The Board is in agreement that the best future for MOCA would be as an independent institution. The Board understands that this will require a significant increase in MOCA’s endowment to ensure its strong financial standing. We are working quickly toward that goal, while at the same time exploring all strategic options, to honor the best interest of the institution and the artistic community we serve.”
 Equally importantly, it did not mention either LACMA or any offers that had been made to acquire the museum.  Nor did it mention USC or the National Gallery.

Instead it front and center acknowledges three things.

MOCA needs to stay MOCA.  The Board has the personal responsibility to raise the money to do that.  And that any actions MOCA makes must take into account the needs of the institution - and - the artistic community it serves.

And the world I come from, that's how you Cowboy Up!

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