Tuesday, March 26, 2013

MOCA Critics Dining on Crow This Morning After MOCA Announces Agreement to Raise Endowment to 60 Million Dollars

If you are wondering why there are no crows in the sky over Los Angeles this morning - it's because they are being served up for breakfast for all the MOCA critics now dining on crow after MOCA announced its new $60 Million Dollar Endowment.

As reported in the New York Times....
The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles... announced Tuesday that it had been promised donations that would boost its endowment to more than $60 million, the highest in the museum’s 34-year history.
The museum said that the money was “a reflection of the board’s commitment to keep MOCA as a museum dedicated solely to contemporary art,” an apparent reference to a recent proposal under which the National Gallery of Art in Washington would collaborate with the museum on programming and exhibitions but would not provide any financial assistance.
“The financial support we have already raised demonstrates the commitment of the board to ensuring that MOCA remains a world-class independent contemporary art museum, and we call on others to join in this campaign,” Jeffrey Soros, the board’s president, said in a statement. Mr. Soros and another trustee, the prominent collector Eugenio Lopez, are the leaders of a new fundraising campaign for the museum, MOCA Independence, which seeks to increase the museum’s endowment to $100 million.
So - are there any other questions about the decision not to auction off MOCA to LACMA?

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