Saturday, March 23, 2013

When the 1912 Clark Hotel Re-Opens, It May be The Oldest Conventional Hotel Built as a Hotel Operating in Downtown LA - if Not All of Los Angeles

With all the smaller older hotels in LA, it's hard to be certain, but when the Clark Hotel reopens - see Bringham Yen's post here, it might be the oldest building  built as a hotel and still operating as a conventional hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. Or maybe even anywhere in Los Angeles.

The Pico House was built in 1869/1870, Plaza House in 1883, the Van Nuys/Barclay in 1896, the Hayward in 1905, the King Edward, the Alexandria & the Bristol  in 1906, the Baltimore in 1910 and the Rosslyn in 1913  but it's been a long time since they've been  hotels.  The only other possible contender would be the hotel that is within the LA Athletic Club - assuming it opened concurrently with the rest of the building in 1912.  And counting them all up - that means LA Downtown LA has at least eleven old hotel buildings that are at least a hundred years old - and likely a lot more

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