Monday, March 04, 2013

Let's Make Los Angeles the Number One City in the Country - in Taxes!

Yes, with the help of the voters of Los Angeles,  Los Angeles is about to be the Number One City in America - in taxes!  Los Angeles residents already have the honor to pay the highest income tax rate in the country (as does everyone in California) and if the City of Los Angeles sale tax increase  passes Tuesday – as the LAT TIMES poll says it will due to misleading advertising  – we can also proudly claim we are also pay the highest sales tax rate of any major city!

So while the lucky citizens of Chicago also get to  pay that  rate (and two towns in… Alabama pay a bit more), Illinois and Alabama have lower income taxes -  so LA  will beats Chicago!  We will be the ONLY major city with the highest  income and the highest sales taxes ! 

And that’s not all we can be number one at!

Even though California is still lagging behind with only the country's second highest unemployment rate (but just by one-tenth of  one point!)  – the LA Metropolitan area has the highest unemployment rate of any of the largest MSA's – and the City of Los Angeles  has a far higher unemployment rate than the rest of our area!  The City of Los Angeles also has a higher unemployment rate than any other really big city   - higher than  Baltimore, Philadelphia and Cleveland!  And, with a little more hard work,  we can be even higher than Detroit!

So let's make LA Number One in everything!!  Taxes AND unemployment!   Vote yes on higher sales taxes this Tuesday!  After all – the job you drive out of LA – could be your own!


ALAS - I have to disclose that both the LA Times and the Daily News - for once - agree - and say to vote NO. And the five leading candidates for Mayor - Wendy Greuel, Eric Garcetti, Jan Perry, Kevin James and Emanuel Pleitez - one of whom will be the next Mayor of Los Angeles - also all agree - and say to vote NO to higher sales taxes on Tuesday.  

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