Monday, May 02, 2005

LA Times Circulation Collapse Speeds UP! Is The End... Near??

After a 5.5% drop in circulation was rumored a short time ago, the actual figures are now out. The LA Times has had its Monday - Saturday circulation drop by 6.5% from the prior year's six month reporting period (which ended March 31st, 2005) and its Sunday circulation has dropped by 7.9%! It looks as if the rate of decline speeded up at the end of this period!

Plus the weekly figure is now down to 907,997! Can the 800,000's be far behind? Or even... the 700,000's? Not as long as the LA Times' five layers of editors and filters keep approving error-filled stories written by New York, Philadelphia and Chicago journalists!

Keep up the good work!

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Former Athetist said...

Maybe there is a God.

Former Athetist