Monday, May 30, 2005

Villaraigosa's Transition Team - And The Neighborhood Councils

Looking at the complete list of new mayor's transition team members - thanks to Kevin at LA Observed - none of the more vocal leaders of the Neighborhood Council movement are listed, to no one's great surprise. However, two of the listed members, Cecelia Moreno of Wilmington, and Dahila Sotelo of Eagle Rock are identified solely by their NC stakeholdership, though as they have a low profile outside of their own councils (at least within the citywide NC movement), I suspect they also have other stakeholderships that have additionally qualified them for their positions.

Besides them, however, at least one other member of the team who is not identified as NC board members is well known within the movement. Michael Delijani of my own council - the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council.

Not a bad start.

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