Friday, May 13, 2005

LA Times HIDES Its Corrections From the Public!!

While I concur that the new redesign of the LA Times website is an improvement and while I agree that the decision to remove the Calendar section from behind the iron curtain is a positive step, there are still some problems.

Now I don't know if other people are having this problem, but this poor old cowboy with his poor old computers, can no longer access the past weeks editions under the print section. I only get the current day's paper when I click on any of the past week editions.

But that - I assume - is just temporary glitch, or possibly a problem that only my poor old software has. My big problem, though, is that the corrections page now only lists the corrections made on that day!

Yes, that's right! The LA Times has eliminated ALL the corrections made in the prior week that they used to post in that section!!

In addition, rather than having the 'Corrections' link listed on the sidebar - the link is now buried in the other sections section at the very, very bottom of the page and that section is the ONLY section that is not listed in correct alphabetical order. And even then, the corrections link is listed in the very last column - making the link now almost impossible to even find. And even then - in the LA Times, the letter 'c', now comes between the letters 't' and 's'!

As usual, Truth is something that the Los Angeles Times must make absolutely, positively certain is always kept from its readers!!!


LAKev said...

You're right. I just checked out the new, hidden corrections section and I can't believe that nobody else spotted this until now. But, of course, not spotting it, was the whole point.

Anonymous said...

I love it! The Chicago Times caught hiding all their errors from their readers! I've even begining to love all your exclamation points!!

Anonymous said...

So where do you post your corrections?

Brady Westwater said...

If anyone points out a factual error I have made - I will post a full correction both within the item and as a seperate post. But in all the posts I have made here and in all the many on line essays I have posted over the years - no one has ever shown I have made a specific factual error.

However, after I opposed The Related Companies during the Grand Avenue RFP process, once they proved themselves to be capable of working with the community - I posted that I was wrong in my opinion of them.

jimmypermo said...

is it a requirement for having a Blogger site to wax paranoid? Do you think there is an army of trained drones trying to subvert institutional integrity via the site? FOR THE RECORD, all you have to do to search for past correction is type in the name of the column - FOR THE RECORD. Previous days will come up. Do you honestly think that online employess are plotting these types of omissions when the huge task of rolling out a big new re-design involves so many other, more critical tasks. News flash for the deeply, weirdly tinfoil hat wearing author of this blog - it's a LOT more work to launch a huge new site than it is to, say, cook up some BS conspiracy and ramble on like some would-be media crit on Blogger. I am sure is playing catch-up on some site details right now while you are spinning tales in your dopey caught-in-a-steel-trap imagination.

Steve said...

No conspiracy needed. The LA Times is just kind of clueless.

MikeZ said...

Of course - "for the record". Times readers would probably know that, but what are the chances of somebody else connecting "corrections" with "for the record"?
And you still have to search for it.