Sunday, May 01, 2005

Need To Know The Truth? Read Al-Jazeera And The Offical Iran News Agency - And Not The LA Times!

To recap, in the Saturday LA Times an article was printed about the investigation regarding the shooting of an Italian agent at a checkpoint in Iraq. The article was labeled as coming from Reuters and described the differences between the Italian and the American versions, primarily whether or not the car was going 30 or 60 miles an hour when it hit the checkpoint.

The key point, though, was that Reuters said that CBS had reported that a satellite photo had supposedly proven that the car was going 60 miles an hour when it ran the checkpoint. But... the LA Times DROPPED that paragraph and did not report the evidence supporting our troops. See below post for the link to the original story. And now, blogger Patterico reports, that both Al-Jazeera and the official news agency of Iran have printed the same release and mentioned the CBS report of the photos, though the Iran news agency questioned the accuracy of the photo.

But, for whatever reason, the LA Times doesn’t seem to believe that evidence supporting this country is deemed fit to print in their paper.

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