Saturday, May 21, 2005

Superb Journalism in... LA Times!,0,7724040.story?coll=la-home-headlines

In the above linked story, LA Times staff reporters Scott Glover and Matt Lait, hit the trifecta. Superb writing, great story telling and masterful investigative reporting.

There's nothing more for me to say. Just go read it!

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Dogtown said...

Very much agreed! I read this and came away wondering again why the LAT won't do MORE of this type of journalism within its pages/website.

The King/Drew stories, which continue even in today's paper, along with this sotry you recommend, are what I'm craving more of, and why I'm keeping my subscrip going for the time being.

The paper's sections, layout, and focus are ready for an upgrade. I hope that locals be brought into that process. Tribune has an opportunity to take what obviously great resources they have and make a leap in journalistic credibility and tech innovation by giving voice to its better writers, revamping its website, and restructuring a tired and unfocused format.