Sunday, May 01, 2005

When It Comes To Supporting Our Troops And Telling The Truth - Or Covering Up The Lies Of An Italian Journalist - Guess What The LA Times Does??

When blogger Patterico first broke the news on Saturday that the LA Times edited a Reuters wire story to REMOVE proof that American troops were telling the truth about what happened when an Italian agent was shot and killed in Iraq, I hoped it was just an errror on the part of the LA Times. I did not want to believe that a conscious effort was made to censor evidence that our soldiers were telling the truth thus proving that an Italian journalist was lying.

There can no longer be any hope that is the case. Today - as Patterico shows...

.... in a follow-up story also credited to Reuters, the LA Times today again omits the fact that a satelitte photo shows that the car was speeding when it reached the checkpoint as the solidiers said but the Italian journalist denied.

Two days in a row, a conscious effort was made to alter the wire story to remove the proof that supports what our soldiers did. And this totally baffled me. I mean, even at its most biased, I can not imagine why the LA Times would go out of their way to demean our soldiers in combat, until I realized the only possible reason.

By NOT printing the story proving the Italian journalist was lying and that our troops were telling the truth, the LA Times is protecting a fellow journalist from being exposed as a liar.

Now it is one thing for the Times to lie to protect its own writers - as it has done in the past - but to print false changes about our soldiers to protect an Italian journalist - would seem to be beneath even the standards of the LA Times. But as of right now, I can think of no other reason why the LA Times would have done what it has now done for two straight days.

I await the Monday edition to see what they have to say.

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Hank Robertson said...

Thanks for sending me to Patterico. He's great. Keep up the good work.