Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Happy Birthday LA Cowboy! One Year Old Today!!

Or at least that's what the LA Times reporter said to me at the crack of dawn this morning. And then I checked out this disturbing claim, I discovered that he/she was right! I am one year old today!

LA Cowboy was born precisely one year ago. And then when two other LA Times reporters called - also at a time they both knew I would still be asleep - it was clear that there was a conspiracy afoot to deprive LA Cowboy of his sleep - leaving him unable to battle the forces of evil!

So, now aware of the significance of the day, I checked my e-mails to see if there were yet any congratulatory messages from either the Editor or the Publisher of the Times.


Not yet.

But the day is young!

The wonderful irony of this is, of course, how many reporters at the LA Times appreciate LA Cowboy's views on the leadership of the LA Times, not that any of them would ever dare comment on my site or call me from a LA Times number, of course. In fact, even some bloggers say that can not leave any comments on my site for fear of never being able to write for the Times again.

As for the future of LA Cowboy, well, big changes are in store!

The original plan was to comment on the new Neighborhood Council movement and other aspects of LA life. But, when I was quite unexpectedly elected president of my own neighborhood council, I realized that blogging on the day to day activities of my own council - when I was its president - would make for an awkward situation; thus, after a period of hibernation, I decided to write a more general view of the city and the NC's.

But as I was doing this, from stage far left, entered the villain of the drama, The LA Times! And LA Cowboy found its first true voice; keeping track of the errors, omissions and general cluelessness of the LA Times.

But now that LA Cowboy is entering its adolescent, it is time for another change. There is a new Mayor, a slightly reconstituted city council and much work to be done in fixing the City of LA.

So - shortly - besides continuing to battle the forces of evil Chicago has brought to besiege our city - the main focus of this blog will be the interaction of the Neighborhood Councils, the City Council - and the new Mayor.

And, even more than that, it will be a place where the serious issues that face this city can be examined in detail and then debated with a soon to debut new format!

So watch out! A new improved LA Cowboy is headed straight for you!

So... Cowboy Up!


Cowboy Stalker said...

If you want to see what a 'one-year-old' cowboy looks like....

go to and then hit committees and then hit Board of Directors.

jillian said...

happy blogiversary!

Carole W. said...

How about a picture of LA Cowboy with his cowboy hat on?

Pam Benton said...

I beeen trying to think of something funny and clever enough to be on your site, but, having totally failed at that - happy birthday! Long may you ride!!

Sam said...

So -- did the LA Times' Editor and Publisher ever come through with the birthday greeting? I'm sure the suspense must have been killing you.