Monday, June 27, 2005

Killer King Still Killing!!,0,4031103.story?coll=la-home-headlines

It tomorrow's Tuesday Times, reporters Charles Ornstein and Tracy Weber, make a clear case for shutting down King-Drew Medical Center, removing the current staff and re-opening it as a privately run hospital with a new staff. LA County subsidies, however, would continue to cover uninsured patients. The one scary aspect of this proposal is the possibility that the fired staff might have to be sent to other county run medical facilities; the same staff that even after two years of retraining and constant supervision, still can not provide acceptable health care.

The only question now is - will the spineless editorial board of the LA Times now demand that the justice finally be done - or will they continue to stick their heads in the ground?


Anonymous said...

Ultimately, the problems at King Drew will never be solved until the Board of Supervisors can admit this hospital suffers from what I call the Willie Williams Effect and confront the race pimps that allow this travesty to continue.

What is the Willie Williams Effect you ask? When you hire an incompetent for a job because his skin color trumps all other considerations in order to appease a loud, racially divisive minority and its mainstream PC enablers.

Fortunately the LAPD was able to pull out of this death spiral with the hiring of Chief Bratton. Although I find some of his policies weak-kneed (like no use of flashlights even on dangerous and combative suspects), I think overall he brings a high level of competency to the job.

Sadly, King Drew is unlikely to be reformed until many more, predominantly minority patients are sacrificed so that a minority group can run a hospital. Ironic, isn’t it.

Loren said...

There are good reasons for more so-called minority members to be in decision-making as well as service-giving positions in hospitals and the like. It's not just a matter of community control and community pride, important as those are. It's essential that a hospital or other such facility understand the needs of the community it serves. But that is to BETTER serve the community, not kill them. When will people realize that there are extremely brilliant, capable people -- of minority and "non-minority" groups -- who won't stoop to the kind of corporate politics that gets (and keeps) them the management level jobs in ALL important aspects of society, depriving us on many levels of the talents and abilities of those who would life better, instead of rewarding those of ALL races who sweep problems under the rug, lie, and "look out for #1"? Think Enron, think Adelphia... I could go on and on. My point is that this problem is a society problem, not a racial problem, and it affects many hospitals (I've worked in hospitals, and people die of preventable and covered-up stupidity committed by caucasians as much as by "minorities" sad to say) as well as many other agencies that govern the quality of our lives. I want to see King be a quality hospital and am outraged at the low quality of care, but the changes need to be in effective, responsible leadership, not racial. Then maybe we can reform the many public and government agencies that are supposed to serve the people but only serve themselves.