Sunday, June 12, 2005

New York Times (and LA Daily News) Scoop LA Times... on LA Area Earthquake!

While the New York Times first posted word of the mild (estimated 5.6; UPDATE - now 5.2) Southern California earthquake at 8:59 LA time... it took the LA Times until 9:33 to report the story via the AP wire.

As KAUSFILES says, the LA Times would rather be late, but get in all the details (interviews, etc.) before they report that something has actually happened.

Guys - get a clue!

It's called a NEWS-paper!


Quote from LA Times AP wire written belated article -

"The quake was felt as far west as Los Angeles and as far south as San Diego, 75 miles southwest of Palm Springs, where hundreds of scientists gathered for a diabetes conference."

Say, what?

"... where hundreds of scientists gathered for a diabetes conference."

I SUPPOSE there is a reason for that factoid to be in the article (maybe AP is now charging clients by the word)... but it sure beats the hell out of me why it's there. And when the NY times later updated with the same AP story, they left out that... fact.

I mean, there are probably a hundred other events going on in that area today - so why list that one? Is there a newly discovered link between earthquakes and... diabetes? Has the wearing of copper braclets suddenly been determined to cause... earthquakes?

Tell us LA Times! Enquiring minds demand to know!


In the LA Times' latest AP wire update (Still relying on AP for this story? What gives? Not enough money left in the budget for LAT reporters to work on Sundays?)... the Times has dropped the... zzzz.... diabetes convention... zzzz... and added - a NUDIST resort!

Giggling naked bodies!!

Finally - someone at the LA Times who knows their audience!!!


Two and one-half LA Times reporters later (two credited, one assist), the LA Times has - finally - covered the quake story first hand. Alas, though, there are no first - or even second - hand reports of the affect of the quake's rhythmic swaying on naked bodies at the nudist resort. Instead, the closest thing to moving, naked flesh is the head of a stuffed mule deer falling off a wall.

Sic Transit Gloria.

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Tim Quinn said...

I bet their science reporter was at the diabetes conference. Took a break to write up the quake.