Tuesday, June 14, 2005

DWP Hearing Before City Council Committee.


Janice Hahn chaired today (June 14th) a hearing at the City Council's Commerce, Energy and Natural Resources committee to determine if theLos Angeles Department of Water and Power had properly notified the Neighborhood Coucnils of a proposed rate increase. This hearing was necessary after mistaken press reports last week that this had not properly occurred.

Many of us who wrote and negotiated the just signed MOU between the DWP and the NC's were there and we verified that the DWP had fulfilled the letter, the intent and the spirit of our agreement.

And now that the DWP has approved it's budget, an indpendent review will take place to see if the budget and the possible rate hike are warranted. The the NC's will be given a minimum of 90 days to exmanine the rate hike after it has been officially taken to the City Council.

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