Sunday, June 12, 2005

Even Freakin' Gold Fish Are Scooping LA Cowboy These Days!!

Well, if LA Cowboy had nothing better to do with his time than swim around in circles over at FISH BOWL LA, he might actually have time to read the LA Times.

But guess what!

He doesn't!

So while he is busy preparing the NEW LA Cowboy, the old LA Cowboy is now an impotent old crone (if crones can be impotent...) incapable of scooping even.... fish.

So if you want to find out latest screw-up at the LA Times and how they simply just don't understand this city (and couldn't find the lede of a story if it was handed to them in a... fish bowl...), well... you'll have to read it elsewhere.

And, adding to LA Cowboy's never ending shame, not only did he misss the LAT article, but he even misssed the Fish Bowl post (and speaking of Fish Bowl - when am I getting my well deserved prize for the funniest caption in the last KCRW contest?? I mean, it's been almost a month now) and this poor cowboy had to read about THAT two days late in... where Mickey scooped us on YET ANOTHER LA Times snafu...

However, LA Cowboy's shame is nothing compared to the shame of the LA Toothless Times. Not only did they blow both of those stories, but they were scooped by the New York Times on stories that were... IN THEIR OWN BACK YARD!!

(last phrase, alas, courtesy of Fish Bowl LA)

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