Friday, June 24, 2005

Why LA Needs A Museum Of Its History!

Thanks to for the above linked story where the LA Independent states that if Jose Huizar wins a council seat - he would be the first immigrant ever elected to the Los Angeles City Council.

Uh, excuse me? Not only have we had quite a few council persons from a number of countries over the years - but we have also had several immigrant mayors. Just two that come to mind instantly are Damen Marchessault of Quebec and Jose Marcarel from France and there may have been others.

As far as council people - it is a far, far longer list. One, in fact, Manuel Requena, was born in Mexico (the Yucatan) - and he was the acting Mayor for awhile in his postion as president of the City Council, and another, David W. Alexander of Ireland - was the first president of the City Council.

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