Thursday, June 16, 2005

Cool LA Times Earthquake Coverage!

The recently promised more interactive LA Times seems to be stepping up today. First, stories about how the LAT's editorial board commutes to work (more on that later), then prompt coverage of the quake (I guess they actually have reporters in the building on Thursdays as opposed to Sundays) - and, finally, the new breaking news blog kicked in to allow readers to report their reactions/responses to the quake.

As for my downtown report - nothing.

I must have been galloping along the the sidewalk or was in the subway when it hit as I felt zip - nothing, nada, nor did anyone else around me say anything. But when I did get down the stairs to the subway at 7th and Flower after the CCA lunch at the Wilshire Grand, the North Hollywood train was being held and no Union Station train came for sometime - so maybe they stopped service until they checked that everything was OK.

It was actually not until I got back to my office after two more meetings that I even found out about it due to e-mails I had gotten.

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