Saturday, June 11, 2005

Sleeping Cowboy Screws The Pooch AGAIN!!

First, our ailing cowboy missed how the LA Times managed to leave out the actual story in the John Kerry - finally - releasing his military records story; the fact that Kerry's grades at Yale were even lower than Bush's! And now we equally missed the fact that the LA Times has repeatedly stated that Kerry has/had/will/kinda/sorta released all his military files - when it appears that he has done no such thing - as shown by PATTERICO!

So these days if you want to know what's really going wrong at the LA Times - you need to go to or read KAUSFILES or LAOBSERVED.

But fear not!

The long non-awaited revamp and reinvention of LA Cowboy is now only weeks away and once that has transpired - full time coverage of LA Times screwups and cover-ups will resume!

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