Thursday, June 02, 2005

Cowboys Lasso Drug Dealer in Heart of Downtown!

Well, maybe not exactly... cowboys... and no lasso was actually used except in the figurative sense - but two Stetsoned members of the LAPD mounted unit apprended a drug dealer at 5th and Spring in front of the notorious Alexandria hotel this afternoon. And one of the horses assisting in the arrest was a quite fine looking almost near black Morgan.

I mention that because the first two chapters of LA Cowboy's soon be be excerpted here memoirs are largely about LA Cowboy's own black Morgan horse and their somewhat... rocky... initial relationship.

Stay tuned!

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The Other LA Cowboy - Cowboy Bob Henderson said...

Speaking as someone who once had a lengthly series of 'converstions' with a young, strong-willed stallion who did not feel that I should be allowed to ride him - this should be interesting. Will picures be involved? I mean of the horse, not you.