Thursday, June 16, 2005

LA Times Goes To Work!


The new 'Thinking Out Loud' section of OPINION - where the LA Times will run a series of articles examining a subject rather than writing another dumb ass editorial about it - debuted today. The inaugural subject was - surprise! - traffic!

They kicked off the series with the ten members of editorial page staff each reporting on the length, obstacles and pleasures - however ... fleeting - of one day’s commute to work.

The biggest surprise is that 30% of them take public transportation. Of those three, two of them drive to get their respective bus/train station while one of them walks the three blocks. This is considerably higher than the average of high paid white collar workers.

The other not so surprising observation is that as individuals writing in their own voices - they are a lot better writers than the deadly collective voice (however singular the actual writer may be) that writes the editorials.

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