Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Kausfiles Reaps While LA Cowboy Sleeps While LA Times... Remains Asleep At The Wheel!

After an all night writing session, LA Cowboy missed checking the LA Times and so KAUSFILES scooped us by noticing that the four hour shut down of a major freeway - which gridlocked a large part of greater Los Angeles was buried on page three of their 'B' section. This even though the Daily News - which does not even service the area most affected - had it on their front page (and the story was covered by the National version of NBC news). To quote KAUSFILES:

Update: The L.A. Daily News, the LAT's smaller, Valley-based rival, of course makes the freeway drama its lead story. That's because the Daily News is a newspaper. [As opposed to?--ed. A giant wet blanket smothering any spark of civic engagement in America's second-largest city! ... Sorry, that just sort of popped out.]

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