Sunday, June 12, 2005

West Hollywood Annexes Wilshire Boulevard! Or At Least That Is What The New York Times Says!

Just when the New York Times was reaching a long streak of error free innnings about things LA, they drop a seriously easy infield out - big time - in their 'Boite' article about the restaurant Dominick's:

"Over in the corner the installation artist Jennifer Steinkamp had come with a dozen friends from her art opening at Acme gallery in West Hollywood."


In... West Hollywood?

Well, Acme - once called Food House - has been in several places (more if you count Robert Gunderman's first downtown LA effort - Opus as one of its ancestors), but none of them had been in - or are in - West Hollywood. The famed gallery long owned by Robert - don't ever call me Bob - Gunderman and Randy Sommer is presently the keystone tenant at the famed 6150 Wilshire complex just down the street from LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) - in the heart of Los Angeles' Miracle Mile.

Now this is the type of gaffe one would expect to find in the LA Times... but in the New York Times?



Anonymous said...

I didn't think anyone remembered Opus... back in the day when Robert Gunderman was still really crazy. I remember once when we were playing golf... but this is a family blog....

Anonymous said...

wasn't Opus was a front for something else...

"back in the day when Robert Gunderman was still really crazy?"

he is crazy - the guy is a sociopath

we all have Bob stories, some of them much longer than a round of golf.

Anonymous said...

i went to college with bob gunderman, he is a full whako! and his work sucks as well!

Brady Westwater said...

A #1 -The fact that 'Bob' - I mean ROBERT Gunderman played golf always struck me as being unlikley as Andy Warhol sleeping with Pat Buckley.

A #2 - A front for what? Anarchists who wear plaid?

A #3 Full wacko, yes. But I loved his early work - with his poodle period being a particular favorite of mine.

Anonymous said...