Friday, June 10, 2005

Barry Munitz And The Getty - Reader Response! Or Will Little Eva Make Her Escape Across The Ice Flow!!

If you look back two posts to my musing on the LAT's excellent expose (other than the minor fact that they missed the real story, of course) of Barry Munitz's disastrous tenure at the Getty Museum, you will notice that there are zero comments.


But I did get some e-mails.

Quite a few e-mails.

In fact - lots of e-mails.

And they are still coming.

And tonight the phone calls started.

Some are anonymous, but many are willing to give their names to establish their credibility, as long as I do not post who they are or give the identifying specifics of what they are saying. But their stories are all the same.

First picture the spawn of hotel heiress Leona Helmsley and Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology. Then picture the bad seed spawn of that spawn breeding with Marie Antoinette's evil twin sister. Then picture that spawn running the Getty.

The climate of fear and hatred up on the hill is considerably worse than the Times could ever communicate in cold print.

But... when it comes to the feelings of the refugees from the hill, well... when the revolution comes, Mr. Munitz will be lucky to keep his head. There are plenty of peasants out there with pitch forks and torches ready to storm the gates of the Getty.

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Bob said...

When the Getty museum first came into existence following the death of J. Paul, the other art museums around the world were fearful that the Getty money would overpower their future acquisition efforts. It has been a long time now, and we don't seem to be hearing that anymore.