Thursday, June 09, 2005

Kausfiles Scoops Cowboy On LA Times AGAIN!!

While LA Cowboy struggles with his latest dopamine drop... KAUSFILES continues to do the barely functioning Cowboy's work by raking the LA Times over the coals of its own making.

In the Los Angeles Times story about the release of Kerry's Navy records - they declared there was... nothing of interest! So while the rest of the national - and local – media gleefully ran with the story that John Kerry's grades at Yale were actually slightly LOWER than President Bush's - that fact was totally omitted in the LA Times article!

So if that's how they edit Kerry stories now - imagine what they were leaving out during the campaign - or what they leave out in any other campaign when covering one of 'their' candidates.

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Hal said...

I am now five weeks into my Times free recovery and my mind is now almost completely dotoxed. And between the New York Times and the Daily News - I don't misss it at all.