Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bizarre Interview With Mayor Of New Orleans On WDSU TV!

Just listened to a rambling interview where the WDSU newscasters kept feeding the Mayor Nagin information about looting, fires set by looters - but he claimed that no such thing was happening. Then he was asked about the sand bagging that was supposed to stop the breech in the levee at noon their time, he said it was not done because the BlackHawk chopters never bothered to show up to pick up the sand bags! And he also said it was not until FOUR hours after the sand bags were supposed to be dropped that someone called him to tell him that they had not been dropped.

And it was the failure to stop that breech that caused the pump to be flooded which will cause the massive flooding of New Orleans that is to take place tonight. And all day there was supposedly a debate on how to stop the breech. It just seems incredible that some kind of plan would not have been put in place before hand.

And he was asked what was the chain of command in the making and executing of these life and death decisions, Mayor Nagin essentially said he had no idea.

Ok - is this guy certifiable or not?

Nagin just said that until today he still felt it would have only taken one to two weeks to have gotten things back to normal in the city! Even after all of yesterday's flooding! And this is, again, exactly what he had said only hours before the hurricane hit.

And now he is talking about some 6 to 8 week plan to get the city back to normal when everyone is saying it will take that much time just to get the water out... assuming it ever stops coming in, of course.


The Governor is holding a news conferrence where Army Corps is stating that sandbags were dropped, but that the flow was too strong and the breech to wide for it to work (as had been reportered earlier in the day, I might add). No one brought up the Mayor's claim that the helicopter - and he called it 'the' helicopter - that was supposed to drop the sandbags - may have been busy doing a resuce and so couldn't drop the sandbags.


Newscasters begin to question the Mayor's continued refusal to declare martial law citywide rather than in just some areas (despite looters attacking and even shooting (one) police officers, an event which the Mayor has downplayed) and his continued reluctance to come out strongly against looters. Sounds just like his delay in asking for a mandatory evacuation.

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Orlando said...

WDSU's website is playing that interview with the Nagin again. He really has no idea what is going on in the city. It's scary.