Tuesday, August 02, 2005

DWP Labor Contract DOA at DWP Board Meeting!



The expected rubber stamp of the increasingly controversial contract between the DWP and the IBEW did not receive a second at today's board meeting. The contract will likely now not be voted upon until the new Mayor's Board of Commissioners comes into office, which is good news. Mayor Villaraigosa has already clearly stated that he is opposed to the terms of this contract and that its approval could have a financially devastating impact on all future labor negotiations between the City of Los Angeles and its other unions.

But now that a reconsideration of this contract will take place with the Mayor's own chosen representatives, Villaraigosa can now re-open negotiations and drive a more equitable bargain more in line with what other city employees are paid. Hopefully, the neighborhood councils will also receive adequate notice when the contract is going to be next considered. We first learned about the contract being voted on today in an the article in the Los Angeles Times.

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Anonymous said...

Is it me or is AV about to sell out the city?

May I remind everyone of the supposed "fiscal deficit" that Mayor Villaraigosa cried about over the next 5 years, yet ironically most of DWP's pay raises fall within this 5 year range. And they (the IBEW) contributed over $300,000 in his mayoral campaign this past year.

Pay for Play anyone?