Monday, August 29, 2005

New Orleans Spared!

A last minute move to the east and a weakening of the storm spared New Orleans from a direct hit. Hopefully this will keep deaths among those who were left behind in the belated mandatory evcuation to a very minimum. And on the local TV coverage last night, many of those who had left at the last minute said it was only after the Mayor Nagin - at last - said that it was a mandatory evcuation that they decided to leave.

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Marsi said...

We were absolutely going to stay. I agree with you that the Mayor was not honest and should have made the situation appear as urgent as it actually was. My parents are in Baton Rouge and insisted that we leave, suggesting that Nagin was not giving us an accurate prediction as to how bad it was really going to be.

I'm so glad we listened to the parents instead of the Mayor. It's pitiful that he was so seemingly clueless.