Wednesday, August 10, 2005

LA Philharmonic Commission Hit Of Tanglewood's Festival Of Contemporary Music!

The new Disney Hall is not the only reason the LA Phil is packing in the audiences and increasingly receiving worldwide attention:

Unquestionably the most immediate knockout of the series was the last piece performed, Steven Stucky's Second Concerto for Orchestra (2004), an electrifying display of orchestral fireworks that won the Pulitzer Prize this year. Composed for the Los Angeles Philharmonic to play in its new Walt Disney Concert Hall, the piece uses a large orchestra and keeps all its sections busy creating textures that shimmer, sizzle and seduce. And that's just its surface charm; Mr. Stucky uses all this, along with a rich lyricism, in the service of an imaginative structure with a set of wide-ranging variations at the center and no padding whatsoever.

The performance by the Tanglewood Music Center Orchestra, led by Stefan Asbury, was polished and fully engaged.

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