Tuesday, August 16, 2005

LA Time's Most Error Filled Section Continues To Be - The Editorial Page!

Word for word there is not another section in any newspaper that should be more carefully fact checked than the newspaper's editorials, particularly since they take up a very small percentage of the words published in any paper. And yet - word for word - no other section in the LA Times has as many (often major) factual errors as does that section.

Whether it is the history of state's bond ratings or even where the water for LA comes from or a dozen other things that anyone who even casually follows the news should know - the LA Times editorial page simply can not get the facts correct. So the question one has to ask - since the LA Times so often bases their opinions on often inaccurate facts - why should anyone pay any attention to those opinions?

Below is just one day's corrections (thankfully not as serious or as brain dead as those in the very recent past) of that page:

An Aug. 3 editorial about the Central American Free Trade Agreement said Rep. Howard L. Berman is from West Hollywood. His headquarters is in Valley Village, and his district does not include West Hollywood.

Saudi Arabia: An editorial Friday about security issues in Saudi Arabia said 11 of the 15 hijackers on 9/11 were Saudi. There were 19 hijackers, of whom 15 were Saudi.

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