Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Curbed Comes To LA! How Did This Cowboy Miss This???

With all this things going on in my life, I have been rather remiss at looking at many of my favorite sites - so I have just been taking quick 3 AM peeks at Curbed and Gutter - two deliciously wonderful NYC architecture sites. And somehow... oh - the shame of it! - I missed seeing on their opening pages that they now have a CURBED LA site! Since... September!

And this is really, really embarrassing since you guys link to me.

So why no notice you were in town?

Why no grand opening party? Particularly since - given some subtle clues on your site... you may even have your offices... very... very... close to this cowboy. In fact - I may even be stealing your wireless - right now!

But belated as my discovery is - now that you're here, I've already wallowed in all kinds of local architectural trivia and gossip and ... even more gossip.

So... welcome to the hood! And you'll be glad to know that an architecture gallery I leased to will soon open up very, very near us very, very soon as well as a bookstore with a world class collection of used architecture books.


OK - so I now know that I have not been all that remiss. You just opened today - or yesterday, now - but you have put up all your LA posts from your New York site - which I had noticed were getting suspiciously numerous - on your new LA site.



Just talked to one of the LA CURBED guys and they are both recent USC grads - and yes, I know, I know ... USC... but after, not just anyone can get into UCLA these days.

And it turns out they are NOT perched on the floor above me lurking in another well known architecture site. They are instead installed within seperate lairs at opposite ends of the rail lines that terminate in downtown.

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