Sunday, November 06, 2005

Remember The 'Independent' Review Of The Getty's Practices? Well...

You know, that investigation in which the Getty Trust's 'independent' trustees will investigate the conduct of... themselves? Well, at least, the local papers opined, they hired an independent lawyer to work with them.

Well, both the Times and I missed Tyler Green's take on that:

Everyone knows everyone, how nice!

Yet another bit of interconnectedness from the Getty board's super-board of evaluators: Getty vice-chair Louise Bryson's husband is John Bryson. John is the CEO/Chairman of Edison International, a large energy company.

What attorney represented Edison during the California energy crisis? Ronald L. Olson, the attorney hired to help guide the Getty board's "independent" review. John Bryson has also served as a member of the California Commission for Jobs and Economic Growth. The co-chairman of that commission is... Ronald L. Olson.

Can't imagine that Olson will help find the Getty board partially to blame in the mess over there, can you?

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