Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Slatin's Newman Gehry Aesthetic Agnostic! Doesn't' Like His Buildings Much, Either!


Basically, the Slatin Report's Morris Newman suggests that Frank Gehry is working on creative fumes, coasting on his name and phoning in his new work. He also suggest that having Gehry design building next to Disney Hall is a bad thing, since they would be too much alike.

To illustrate his point, he shows four unbuilt skyscrapers designed by Gehry - two of which date from almost 20 years ago, one in Dallas which I have never seen before (and never want to again) and the New York Times design of several years ago with - shudder - Mr. David Childs.

None of the exciting designs he is currently working on around the world, though, are shown; just some paper, ink, CAD and cardboard tigers.

Still, the article makes some valid points about how a Gehry showstopper hitting high 'C' on Grand Avenue, directly across from Disney Hall, might not be ideal, along with some concerns on how Gehry may start to repeat himself.

Where Mr. Newman goes wrong, though, is that this is not just any town; this is Frank's hometown and this is not a site that he is going to either phone it or allow the new building to hurt the Disney Hall experience.

Plus there is a developer involved, a JPA, the CRA - and the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council that he has to answer to.

So... I'm not worried.

Just let Frank be.. Frank - and everything will be cool.

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