Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ovations Awards At Broadway's Orpheum Theater!

Just got back from the Los Angeles version of the Tony Awards - the Ovations - at Broadway's restored Orpheum Theater. It was great to see a gathering of all the theatrical tribes of not only LA, but much of Southern California. It was also just as great to see a vintage Broadway theater celebrating live theater.

Ann Magnuson was our hostess and she was as funny and as hot as ever - even though she had a little trouble distinguishing lie from lay... but we won't go there... and it was particularly nice to hear so many people speak fondly of their feelings for old theaters and even more cool to hear people both on and off stage tell of their memories of the Orpheum itself.

Life time achievement winner Luis Alfaro in particular spoke of the Orpheum being the first theater he was allowed to see a movie by himself in the 1970's and how he watched 'Swiss Family Robinson all day - and well into the night, show after show.

How badly child welfare was neglecting its job back in the 1970's, however, was not brought up.

But - other than that - it was a great night for theater and a great night for our very own Broadway.

In fact, very soon - we might all just discover how great a night last night could turn out to be.

Stay tuned.

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