Monday, November 14, 2005

LA Times Innocent In Grievous Error - And Takes The High Road About It!

Below is the Error as reported in the LA Times:

Drucker obituary - An obituary for management guru Peter F. Drucker in Saturday's Section A reported incorrect information on his survivors. The article said Drucker's son, Vincent Drucker, lived in San Rafael, Calif. He lives in Dallas. The article also said daughter Cecily Drucker lived in San Francisco. She lives in Mill Valley, Calif. The name of another daughter, Kathleen Spivack of Watertown, Mass., was omitted from the list of survivors. Also, daughter Joan Winstein was identified as Joan Weinstein. Audrey Drucker was incorrectly identified as one of Drucker's daughters.

And the New York Times made the same error - but stated that they had received the information from the Claremont Graduate School, long time employer of Peter Drucker, in understated way, but the LATimess chose to make not mentionn of where the error came from which I though showed considerable sensitivity.


I did first see the error in LAOBSERVED which did not then mention the NYT error, but LAOBSERVED now also makes note of the NYT error and also notes its mention of the error source of the error.

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