Sunday, November 13, 2005

Downtown's PE (Pacific Electric) Lofts Grand - And I Mean GRAND - Opening Party!

To paraphrase my infamous opening night comment during the 1992 FAR Bizarre art show in old Federal Reserve Building (also soon to open as lofts) - not only was everyone single person you know or have ever known in downtown or in real estate there - but every single person you will ever know or will ever meet in downtown or in real estate development was there.

But by the time I hit the fifth buffet table (one of which alone had four or five kinds of just fish) - even I had to hoist the white flag of surrender. And still lying in wait was the dietary minefield of the dessert room, the seductions of sushi room, and did I yet mention the two walls lined with tables of out of season fruits? In fact, when I first stated to type this last week (the opening was two Saturdays ago), I was munching on a couple of loquats I smuggled out of the party.

But enough about the food - let's talk about what the whole evening was really about.


Well, not exactly strippers - but an amazing group of over 40 burlesque stars - all very cool, very funny - and very, very sexy in a wonderfully wholesome way. And the band wasn't bad, either.

OK, now. We've now hit the first two basic human needs.

Food, sex - so now its time for... real estate.

The above article in the Downtown News explains that the once feared glut of rentals downtown due to so many people buying condos (and most new buildings pre-sell out in one day) - has not happened. In fact, the above mentioned PE lofts is already over 71% leased!

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Scott said...

As a resident of the building I have to say that the party was a blast, and I tried to stuff myself as much as possible.

The only significant complaint us residents of the building had, is that we were not allowed to invite any guests from outside the building.

Clearly, the party had many functions, one of which was to rent out more lofts. But on the large scale put forth, one or two guests from each resident of the loft could have easily been accommodated. But then, who are we, really, only the people who pay the rent for the place every month. That's all.

Having made that gripe, I wouldn't mind another bash like that in the building. But I am sure gonna sneak in some guests of my own from outside.