Saturday, January 06, 2007

If A Book Store Closes In The Forest And No One Writes About It - Did It Really Close?

When long time Fairfax fixture, Arnold Herr Bookseller, posted its closing notice after losing its lease last year, the story got a lot of ink.

Then when the used book store found a new home, also on Fairfax, but in a area with less foot traffic, the story got a lot less ink.

Then when Powell Books of Portland (aka - The Evil Empire) showed up with a check and a massive tractor-trailer truck this autumn - there was zero ink when the tractor-trailer truck left holding the entire stock of the former book store and headed up to... Portland.

So that makes me zero for two in getting a large, general interest used book store downtown. First Book City, and now Arnold Herr.

But... as they say... the third time's the charm....

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