Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Why The Los Angeles Times Still Can Not Be Trusted To Tell The Truth!

I've read about how dishonest the coverage of the Los Angeles Times has been on the recent Long Beach hate crimes incident. But until Kate Coe's article in LA Weekly, I had no idea how totally the Times has failed this city.

Despite recent improvements at the paper, there still remain editors convinced we need to be protected from inconvenient truths and that lying to us is acceptable to keep us from knowing those truths.

Hopefully, the Times' new leadership will issue an apology, publish an examination of the facts and then take action to guarantee this type of cover-up never takes place again.

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Chicago Cubune Watch said...

Did you see this, Cowboy?

Time To Go

Why Tribune is like Rumsfeld

In the military you shut up and follow orders; otherwise, things fall apart. Still, there can come a point when the strategy is a demonstrable loser. Then, sometimes, it is the generals who must go, or maybe the secretary of defense.

That’s true in corporations, too. When the Tribune Company orders manpower cuts, publishers and editors either follow through or hit the road. That’s the way it works. Yet there can come a Rumsfeld moment, and Tribune has reached it. That’s why we’d like to see the company sell itself out of the newspaper business....

... Tribune has great resources, but those resources aren’t doing much public good. The company seems less than the sum of its parts. And so, like Rumsfeld, it should go. We’ll take our chances with the gaggle of billionaires who are lining up to buy those newspapers. Some of them may turn out to be pirates (see Santa Barbara). But others will be citizens who understand that those dailies are not mere pieces of an economic puzzle but great living institutions rooted in the lives of their cities.